f. 2020-10-31




  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 8 week old

    We have performed a puppy test on the litter and it went excellent! From this we just could confirm our puppy distribution!
    J-SON - Zod (Pink/bones)
    Huck - Zeke (Light green/ vintage green)
    Anna - Zanza (Green/ Yellow)
    Sam - Zelda (Black/ Black and white)
    Penny - Ztorma (Red / Red and white)
    Mari - Ziri (Brown/ Orange)
    Bella - Zaga (Blue)
    The week has been full with activities both for us and the puppies! The visit to our vet for the vaccination, mandatory puppy examination and getting the health certificates went fine. During the week they have been going by car into our small town to experince traffic with cars, bicycles and peoples.

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 7 week old

    Only one week to go! All seven the puppies have good weight development, but as predicted it will not be our biggest puppies. Their average weight is 5.2kg with a growth of roughly 0.9kg this week. We can see that they have developed their playfullness a lot the lastest days but also the interaction between them. Öza is still the same kind and caring mother as before even if the puppies are sometimes quite lively and noisy! But since she acts with great calm, the puppies follow the same behavior! Now we have also started to prepare all the paper work and other things that need so be finalized before the puppies will leave us. Next week will as always be filled with everything from the puppy test to finalize the paper work and preparing the puppy delivery!

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 6 week old

    6 weeks old and only two weeks until they will leave us! They have now moved to our new dog house with much bigger room for them. Here we have a small agility course with footbridges and ledges to climb and balance on where they can develop their fysical ability.
    So far we are really satisfied with their development, it's nice to see them solve all the different problems we try arrange in the puppy yard! Everything from loud noises to dark enironmental they seems to solve with a smile!
    The major negative consequence of having winter puppies is of course the limited possiblity to have the puppies in our outside puppy yard. It have been to much rain and to cold for them to be outside for any longer periods, instead we take them out for a walk in our neirbourghood. However, this means instead that they get a lot of new impressions and problems to solve in different new environmentals!

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 5 week old

    Now almost all of the puppies have their final names decided! The boys will be named Zeke and Zod and the girls will be named Zansa, Zara and Zira but still two girls are to be named by their coming owners! The weight curves until week 5 looks great and this week they have gained a little bit more than 20% in weight!
    They have primarely developed their social behaviors during the last week but of course also their movement pattern and their sensory maturity that makes their communication also more mature!
    On day 35 they have also been outside for the first time, a short visit in the puppy yard! There were no hesitation from any puppy in investigating all stuff and impressions in the new environmental!
    A really exiting week together with the Z-litter is ended with continued nice development!

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 4 week old

    Wow, time really flies at least when it comes to the development of the puppies! They are now 4 weeks old and now the socialization period is starting. During this period the social behaviors develops rapidly wich also the the language and the associative learning do. Now the puppies are beguinning to be much more stable and the slippery floor are no more a problem!
    The puppies are now more curios on new unknown objects and the interest for hunting and fighting games have just started.
    They now weigh between 2.5 - 3kg and eat 3 to 4 meals a day!
    All of them have now has quite a lot of teeth in both the lower and upper jaw, which sometimes feels clear! However, it is still possible to sit and cuddle with them!
    Due to the Covid-19 situation we have minimized the visits but from next week they will spend some hours evey day in a larger puppy yard in our new dog hous.

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 3 week old

    Still great weight development for all the puppies until the 21st day, which is also the day when puppies enter the socialization period! Their social behavior develops very quickly, which is clearly noticeable not only between the puppies but also towards us! Now they make proper contact and clearly recognize our scent and voice!
    Right now the puppies eats 2 to 3 meals of fresh meat (VOM) and a complete chicken based pet food (Robur Mother and Puppy) a day and of course free access to milk from Öza!
    Öza still spends most of the time with the puppies but leaves them more and more alone, but always have an eye on the little ones!
    The whelping box was of course opened on the 21st day, like the wolf puppies is leaving the lair for the first time on the 21st day! Of course the puppy wolf do not need to face the slippery floor and the sound from the screwdriver that mounts the puppy den! But they have of course a lot of other things to learn for surviving!
    During the socialization period, the puppies also begin to become aware of where to pee and poop and starts looking for suitable places for this, such as on the newspapers we put just outside the puppy box!

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 2 week old

    The puppies are now 2 weeks old and the weight development looks great! In this period it's really tough work feeding all the puppies, up to now the puppies have gained 7 kg meaning 25% of Öza's weight! All seven have now opened their eyes and they are beguinning to stand up an all four legs instead of crawling! Now the puppies go into what is usually called the "transition phase" which is a lasting for one week, now the sight develops and hearing begins to work. The puppies start walking instead of crawling and eeling forward, the first teeths will come. They will become aware of each other and the first social behaviors start such as wagging their tails. Now there are also fear reactions to sound and visual impressions. Exciting period!

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 1 week old

    Already one week!! All puppies eat properly and the weight development looks very good, in principle they have doubled their birth weight from 400 to about 800 grams during the first week! Öza continues to take care of her little ones in the best way and spends all her time with the puppies. The first few days she reluctantly left the puppy box to eat etc. now that the puppies are a week old, she agrees to go for a short walk without major protests!

  • Ekhöjden's Z-litter is born!

    Öza chose to give birth to the puppies already on day 61 and on the All Saints' Day!
    There were a total of 7 puppies, two boys and five girls all fine and viable! Their birth weight was approximately 400 grams, but they all show good growth in the first critical days! This is Öza's second litter and she handled the puppies' birth in the best way! It's fantastic to have an experienced and confident bitch who takes care of the puppies' birth in the best way! The puppies' weight curves look good and all the puppies eat with good appetite!