Our overall breeding goal is to breed healthy dogs with a purposeful mentality and functionality.

We are convinced that Dog Mentality Assessment (DMA) - MH and Dog Behavior and Personality Assessment (DBPA) - BPH are among the most important tools for assessing and evaluating breeding results in terms of dog’s mentality, therefore our goal is to accomplish 100% DMA or DBPA for our offspring’s.

We arrange DMA/DBPA for all our litters where, in addition to the assessment, we also compile and theoretically review the results for the individual and the litter average. In our breeding work we follow RAS – Breed Specific Strategies this means i.e., that all Giant Schnauzer offspring shall, in addition to accomplishing DMA, also ED and HD X-ray.
We are also pleased to see that all our Miniature Schnauzer offspring, in addition to DMA or DBPA, also perform eye examinations and patellar dislocations.
With controlled puppy development our goal is to prepare each individual for coming tasks as working or service dog. Our puppies get individual mental and physical stimulation through a challenging environment and possibility for problem solving. We carry out puppy assessments at an age of 7 weeks for all of our litters where we analyze a number of different characteristics to be able to select correct puppy for every dog-handler and task.

As our main focus in breeding is usability, we place great emphasis on good health, stable mental characteristics and a functional exterior!